Discover now 10 talented 3D Spanish street art artists and graffiti writers!

Spain contributes to the global street art scene with graffiti writers who have the skills to create almost 3D illusions. Furthermore, their talent is not only visible in galleries, but also in the streets.

For instance, we may enjoy their artworks at public urban art events, post-graffiti festivals and contemporary art fairs all around the country.

Today’s article will focus on the Spanish emergent artists community. Let’s introduce them by categories,

Artists who emerged as street art artists from classic graffiti

Firstly, let’s make a difference. Graffiti is not street art. It’s an underground culture, with ethics and codes. Writers work continuously for their recognition within the community, and some of them have observed that street art is trendier than just tags & throw-ups.

As a consequence, they observed how art gallery owners and private collectors are more interested in their artworks than ever. Here is a brief example of artists who stepped up,

1-. Xemayo, master at hard work and modesty

Xema Gonzalez is a graffiti writer from Valencia, who paints using realistic drawing styles. Xema’s career started in Almeria, where he painted with other members of RFK collective.

As an active member of the street art community in Spain, Xemayo participates in the National Graffiti League, alongside many other writers. Mr. Gonzalez has painted in several festivals, including but not limiting to:

  • Graffitea Cheste
  • Mad Cool festival

Xema currently lives in Valencia, where he works commission based and as a tattoo artist. You could also find his artworks under the name of ZOEN.

2-. Soen Bravo, one of the finest muralists in Madrid city.

Canvas painted by Bravo using Oil painting and fabric. Made in Asia

Second artist to be found around the best street art graffiti 3D industry is a 32 years old guy from Madrid. His artworks decorate a great number of garage doors around the city, as he advertises his services as ‘professional graffiti’.

Fernando Bravo, better known as SOEN, includes in canvas and walls alike a social theme. He analyzes the society from its downparts; observing and narrating those problems affecting people’s daily lives.

He has worked with several city councils in the Autonomous Community of Madrid, and exhibited his artworks for the first time in 2019. The solo show at Writers Madrid was entitled ‘Unregulated’.

3-. Xav, self-taught graffiti from Asturias

Imagine a digital artwork created in a wall. Would that be possible? Of course it is! Javier Robledo (Gijón) is a self taught graffiti artist who also develops a career within the street art industry.

He believes that graffiti writers should be prosecuted. That’s art!

Similarly to what happens with many other artists around the country, Xav has also painted overseas. He travelled to Kiev, Ukraine where a massive 20 floors building was awaiting!

Xav currently works as one of the most famous tattoo artists in Asturias, northern Spain.

Street art graffiti 3D from Gijon, Spain
Photopraph of XAV by Joel Santos

Who are the best artists in Spain for commissioned street art graffiti 3D artworks?

In addition to the first three artists mentioned, business owners could count with the designs of experienced street art graffiti 3D artists.

Once artists receive commissioned submissions, they individually analyze the customers’ needs. Budget will depend on the artworks’ quality. For example, paintings will vary from basic (logo), to medium (aerograph used) to deluxe, where the creation will look alive.

4.- Manomatic, full of resources

What about if we would introduce you to this artists with his most important milestone? Did you know that Banksy once retweeted one of his artworks in Huelva? Nice, huh?

Manomatic believes that street art as we observe it nowadays, all fancy and respected, wouldn’t be that important if it wouldn’t have been because of the work, sometimes illegal, of graffiti writers.

His artworks talk about morals, and it’s the audience who have to interact with the mural in order to create a meaning.

5-. Javier Lobo, aka MIEK

Javier Lobo works as a professional muralist and urban artist. He was born and raised in Madrid city, where his tags ‘MIEK’ were known by the graffiti community.

Despite starting painting wholecars (train wagons), he observed that urban art could offer him a greater way of living publicly from art. His freelance artworks might be observed all around the Spanish capital.

His biggest achievement, in terms of artworks’ dimension, was painting a huge olive oil warehouse in Ronda, Malaga. He painted the rooftop as part of a project called LA Experience, in which the building couldn’t be observed from a drone perspective. The painted trees on the roof looked alive!

6-. Conse, professional graffiti artist

street art graffiti 3D by Conse EU

Conse is another self-taught street art graffiti 3D artist who has experimented with several styles. It was between 2012 and 2013 when he partially ceased his activity on the street and focused on the development of more realistic artworks with:

  • Charcoal,
  • oil,
  • acrylic,
  • spray.

He now works in Barcelona, where he established his home based studio. Despite working nationally, Conse has also traveled all around the world to paint walls in cities across North America and Europe.

Spanish artists who participated in street art graffiti 3D festivals.

As we defined at the beginning of this article, Spain features many street art festivals. From North to South, urban art not only decorated big capital cities, but also small towns & villages.

What are the most relevant post-graffiti events in our country?

  • Asalto, Zaragoza
  • MIAU Fanzara, Castellon
  • Urvanity art, Madrid

7-. Manolo Mesa, the local community’s representative

Street art graffiti 3D by Manolo Mesa

Manolo Mesa is one of the greatest Spanish muralists, and usually recreates the theme of still life. He depicts cultural values and integrates locals’ daily life perfectly into the wall itself.

One key aspect about Mesa‘s artwork is that he walks over the neighborhoods/areas where he has to paint, in order to connect with its people. In other words, he honors local families.

On the other hand, he has also used people’s suffering in his imagery. He experienced closely the Charli Hebdo terrorist attacks in Paris, France as the same night he was about to party in a close-by venue. This event lead him to create, releasing all pain from a shocking moment in recent history.

8-. ‘El rojo’, street art graffiti 3D based in Soto del Real, Madrid

Street art graffiti 3D from Madrid city

Jorge Gordillo‘s effort and hard work speaks up! His skills with spray paint lines, blurring and hyperrealist bodies are brilliant!

He does not only promote his artworks in festivals like Artaero Rap in La Bañeza, Leon, but also in advertisements for enterprises.

Cooltourspain personal picks

Last but not least, we wanted to share with our community two names that have been in our sonar for a while. Their creations are related to ‘Pacha mama’ (mother Earth). Could you follow them on Instagram!

9-. Sea162, natural connections

street art graffiti 3D in the rocks

Experimentation is the engine that drives the creativity of our friend Sea162. Together with another art forms, such as music, installation or media his personal projects are designed to awake our awareness on personal knowledge and energy.

Nature, the creative process of our environment and geometry take an important place on artistic production.

Despite he prefers not to reveal his identity, this artist also works within the professional graffiti in Madrid industry.

10-. Ele Man

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