Everything about the sticker art in Madrid: events, artists…Insider details.

Oscar Guerra captures the sticker art in madrid

We would define the ‘sticker art in Madrid‘ as a community of street art & graffiti lovers who are interested in invading the city with their artworks in a printed format (or similar).

Most of them are found in lightposts, traffic signals or traffic lights.

Stickers travel far away as you don’t even need to move from home in order to be present in another place across the world. There exists a huge European/International community whom to exchange stickers with!

Our city is full of sticky figures and we will now present you a few artists & events so to start exploring what you will see around Madrid downtown areas.

The sticker art in Madrid will always belong to the classics.

The industry is becoming popular and many graffiti writers are observing as it is also a great way to “bomb” a city (slang term that refers to posting artwork).

There are a few names that should be paid tribute to because of their contribution to the sticker art in Madrid and the rest of the country.

These are them!

1-. Bloo & Titi, the tiger.

Bloo is probably one of the most famous artists from Spain. He collaborates with El Keller and his artworks might be seen mostly on paste-ups and stickers.

Did you know that one of our guides counted 244 tiger figures in Madrid?

He does also paint graffiti, using his character as a symbol. The tiger might be observed in the highways, metro, bus or walls all over Madrid.

The artist creates its face and body in different positions, creating super cool & fun figures that are easily recognized while walking over.

2-. Wolf sticker art in Madrid- space invader alike.

It’s been over 15 years that these ATARI-like figures appeared in the streets. WOLF’s invasion to took part last year and his stickers are now all over the world!

One of them is the classic tile figure located in Calle Santiago el verde, Lavapiés district.

The exact direction is as follows:

  1. Get off Embajadores Metro station (line #3).
  2. Walk for 250 meters on Calle Embajadores.
  3. Cross ‘Casino de la Reina’ park.
  4. The artwork is right in the corner.

He does not only create his own stick figures, but also prints for others. His brand actually has great prices and may be found online.

How to do a sticker?

  1. Check in instagram for sticker shops
  2. Send them your work in a high resolution format
  3. Provide address details
  4. Start sticking everywhere!

3-. Take the topo / “hunting to the mole”.

‘Take the topo’ is a young fellow from Alcorcón, Madrid. He is part of the graffiti community and sticker art in Madrid.

Follow his colored or black & white moles are all around the city.

Topo, as he is best known, studies graphic design and has not only collaborated with big brands for artistic projects but also with local graffiti writers for combo artworks.

Newly 2019 discoveries of the sticker art in Madrid.

Cooltourspain team members daily walk over downtown streets in order to hunt fresh artworks. At one moment, we found new artists that have caught our attention.

We would like to show you who they are. You might have seen them around!

4-. “El ladrón de pegatinas“, the sticker’s thief.

A thief?

Yes, a thief. A person who walks over the streets with a scraper. All the stickers in Madrid stolen by a 40 years old guy.

Doesn’t it sound as a fun story?

He is such a lover of the movement. LDP publishes in social media all the artworks that he steals, tagging the artists accordingly.

His symbol is similar to a Madrid’s metro logo. We refer to the ‘hand picking trash’ sticked on every single bin basket.

5-. Pyramid_6eyes, sticker art in Madrid.

This artist from Hortaleza neighborhood creates 6 eyed colored figures. They seem trippy and creepy, but supper happy!

Pyramid_6eyes paints with color markers over ‘Priority mail’ stickers, works on digital format and creates combo actions with other sticker artists in Madrid, Spain and Europe.

6-. Hans & Nean, Madrid basket.

Probably you have seen this artistic couple many times but you are still wondering who they are.

Hans and Nean are also known as “Streets Illustrated” and they have glued their tiles in any downtown’s major square.

These are some of the illustrations you will find around Madrid city,

  • Kobe Briant- paste-ups
  • The basket of Nean- tiles
  • Hans Moleman- stickers

Events & festivals of sticker art in Madrid

Observing that other capital cities from the rest of the world are putting emphasis in promoting this underground culture, Madrid has become active in that.

There were 2 sticker festivals organized in Madrid city last year.

They receive the support of all the ‘sticker art in Madrid’ community. Check them!

Sticker con @ La Quinta del Sordo

An event curated at an underground parking lot of a local coworking space where dozens of sticker lovers spend a weekend together, collaborating, creating new artworks and having fun overall.

The organizers received stickers from artists who were not present, but participated actively by supporting the experience.

Stickma festival @ Social center ‘La Piluka’

Despite suffering a last minute change location, Stickma festival hosted a great event at Barrio del Pilar neighborhood.

A social center held a event with activities, live performances, collaborative projects and graffiti!

TDECOMA was in charge of the design process helped by other street art Madrid members .

What’s our opinion about the sticker art in Madrid?

We think that the industry is increasing step by step.

There are a few events organized in town to keep in touch with other graffiti writers.

It’s a pleasure to be part of this sticker art in Madrid and support it with this post.

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