Spanish street art artists who have performed at 6 really odd locations.

the most incredible Spanish street art

Spain is not only worldwide recognized because of its perfect climate and gastronomy, but also because of its art. For instance, you might identify El Prado (Madrid) & Guggenheim (Bilbao) as the most famous museums, but are they related to the Spanish street art movement? Not really!

According to a research paper published by college students from Granada and Nebrija universities, there might be approximately 25,000 visual & plastic artists currently working in our country. What’s more, some of them perform at unique locations!

Today’s article will feature the artworks created by fellow Spaniards at odd spots, including but not limiting to:

Who are the artists that best represent the connection between Spanish street art and graffiti?

Before we introduce you the artworks, we should analyze how Spanish street art has been closely related to graffiti. On one hand we will find the general audience, who affirms that these two categories belong to same artistic wave. Oppositely, modern art gallery owners and other relevant figures will differ with their opinion.

To us, graffiti came first. Furthermore, it was observed as a social interaction during the 80’s. For example, one single person tagging his/her name on the streets. Was there anything ‘bossier’ than that?

As soon as the time passed by writers observed how trendy it became and started practicing with more figures, shapes, colors and surfaces. It was the beginning of what we now know as urban art.

Sea 162 and his particular vision for landscape art

landscape Spanish street art
Photo courtesy of the artist. Location: Madrid’s mountain range

First example could be observed in the figure of a Spanish street art & graffiti artist called Sea162. He started painting whole cars and throw ups in the streets, and now covers with beautiful landscape art what others damage in the country side.

The image where you see a guy on top of a ladder is one of his 2019 artistic performances. This fixed gaze covers several graffiti tags in the rocks’ surface. What the audience might wonder about is what he would do if police comes by.

In that case, he would chat with them, showing pictures of how the spot looked like few hours ago and the way it has completely changed now.

Spanish street art by Daniel Muñoz & Spok Brillor

Grain storage warehouse in Ciudad Real
Grain storage in Ciudad Real, Castilla La Mancha autonomous community

I AM TITANES is a social, cultural and artistic project led in Ciudad Real province by Laborvalía and Ink & Movement. They organized artistic activities in for Down Syndrome users & other people showing mental disabilities. For example, this image represents the artwork created by Daniel Muñoz and Félix, also known as Spok Brillor.

These two Spanish street art artists painted over a huge grain storage using cherry pickers. The idea behind the artwork is not to decorate the walls, but to put emphasis on the warehouse’s figure. They drew medals that the building is symbolically wearing. Isn’t that a cool way to perform open air?

The project spread color and life through several towns in Ciudad Real:

  • Manzanares,
  • Campo de Criptana,
  • La Solana,

Is Okuda the most famous Spanish street art artist?

When talking about the most famous artists in our country, you might recall Dalí, Velázquez, Picasso or Goya. They were the most talented and important names in Spain, but they are all dead by now.

If you would have to mention one contemporary artist who still lives, you would probably say Antonio López, but that’s not Spanish street art. If you were thinking about that specific style, then Okuda will come up to mind.

It’s in the next two subcategories where you will find other odd urban art locations in Spain:

Kaos Temple @ Gijón

Urban art in an old church

The development of a skate park inside a former church was possible thanks to a crowdfunding platform called Verkami, Okuda and Red Bull. Moreover, the Spanish street art artist painted along with his assistants the interior walls during seven days.

We must admit that it’s not common to observe any artistic artwork inside a catholic building, but sacred art. That’s why we consider this spot a dream for skaters and urban art lovers.

You’ll be able to visit Kaos Temple and practice skate at Llaneras (Asturias), although due to remodeling works the place remains closed for the general public.

Faro de Ajo: The lighthouse of a municipality whose name translates to ‘garlic’.

Okuda Faro de ajo, street art Cantabria
This lighthouse has worked since 1930 in the northern Cantabrian Sea.

Another building to be added to the list is located in Cantabria. Specifically, we are talking about a lighthouse in Cape Ajo, a unique geographic area 45 minutes driving distance from Santander, the region’s capital city.

Have you ever seen a lighthouse decorated with street art? Hurry up because there was such a controversy that it’ll only remain painted for a short time. It cost 40,000€ and the city council did it in a complete illegal way. They are now on trial to check who’s responsible for the urban art performance.

What’s the role of Valencia city in the Spanish street art movement?

So far, today’s article didn’t stop at any populated city. Apart from visiting Madrid street art and Barcelona’s best urban art, you should head to Valencia, where the Mediterranean Sea meets the best Spanish street art.

You might relate Valencia to the best paella, but there are many more things than that. For instance, have you ever heard the story of ‘El Cid Campeador’? Keep on digging because even the street art is present at one of the most famous traditional events in our country, Las Fallas.

Las Fallas, more than just fire & sound

Urban art at Fallas Valencia
Artwork developed by Escif

The image you can observe right above features one of the many gigant flammable structures distributed all along the city during Saint Josep celebrations on 19th March, Spain’s Fathers Day.

Escif was one of the Spanish street art artists who were supposed to exhibit at Fallas, but due to Coronavirus all festivities were cancelled and his elaboration not burnt. What was interesting about this artwork was the controversy around it. The face was unmasked for several days, waiting for the city council’s decision, but this urban artist decided later to wear his artwork.

Do you remember when Okuda’s Falla was burnt in 2018? Check this video!

Who are the most popular Spanish street art artists from Valencia?

Spanish street art in the US

This was the monumental painting that Spanish street art duo Pich & Avo did last 2014 for the NorthWest Walls Festival in Belgium. The spot was located at the relax zone of a music festival called Rock Werchter, and counted with 7 containers

The way they approach urban art is unique, as they mix pure graffiti & throw up letters with classic sculptures painted with spray paint. Pichiavo is one of the most talented artistic couples within the whole worldwide street art movement.

Cooltourspain’s opinion about Spanish street art

We strongly believe that artists who already reached the top of the list live under well established conditions. However, what happens with ‘intermediate’ and ‘low’ profile artists? Their creations are awesome but they don’t receive that much attention.

That’s the reason why we regularly write about the emergent & alternative street art scene.

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