Okudart, who the hell is he? One of the best street art artists from Spain!

Okudart is a surrealist pop artist classified by our team members as probably Spain’s wealthiest street art artist.

His artwork is full of geometric prints and multicolored ephemeral architectures that create blend with grey bodies and organic forms.

What does make Okudart’s street art that special?

  • Colorful patters.
  • Huge artworks created on building facades.
  • Support to less favored communities.
  • Collaboration with local artists.
  • Continuous growth.

Okudart’s interview with Cooltourspain.

Last 2016 we interviewed him in order to get to know him better in the personal & artistic fields.

These were some of the questions that he answered us through email:

1-. What is your opinion about the street art movement in Spain?

There is a very good scene and incredible artists, bu the thing is that we work more overseas than in our own country. It is crazy we don’t have a big piece in the Madrid or Barcelona’s city center.

Well-known art fairs and museums haven’t introduced street artists yet, except CAC Malaga and CEART Fuenlabrada.

2-. Okudart recently edited a book full of artworks. What was the most challenging of your performances and why?

I don’t know, maybe the church entitled KAOS TEMPLE. It was an artwork developed on difficult ceilings.

It was amazing!!!

3-. How is the street art movement in Spain compared to other European countries in terms of artists and its audience?

I think we are doing very well and there’s an international group of artists who are showing their work all around the world. I’m lucky that they are my friends too. I am very proud of all of us: SAN, Nano4814, Aryz, Sixe Paredes, Suso33, Felipe Pantone…

4-. Politicians in Spain have the task to discuss about culture at the Congress. If you were assigned the design of a project to develop the street art in our country, what 5 steps would you consider?

  1. Change the education for kids: more creative subjects.
  2. Free access to exhibitions, concerts, museums, and cultural events for young people and elders in order to encourage the use of creativity.
  3. More help for young artists to produce their projects (facts, not words): allow walls and public spaces to work in.
  4. Introduce street art in art history subjects at College and University degrees.
  5. Value more the talented Spanish street artists. More visibility in Spain, showing some their pieces in public spaces or doing big size walls in the city centers.

Okudart latest works

His prismatic and geometric murals are continuously growing all around the world.

Collaborations with international & national artists are common since his beginnings in graffiti. We can observe that in the mural he did in San Francisco, last April 2019.

Part of his artwork is first done in the studio located in Madrid and then sent for completion to another artist’s studio in the current city he is painting.

He mixes organic and geometric textures or items because as he says…

It’s my way of talking about how modernity is changing the natural world. “

Sfstation, April 23rd 2019

– Urban Morphogenesis @Moscow, Russia

#Flagsoffreedom is the title that he used to describe his August gig in Russia.

A rainbow of colors that Graff Caps, Marcos Chelo and Okudart did over a 20 floors building.

– Borgo Universo @ Aielli, Italy

It is common to observe that art curators get involved with the development of street art festivals.

Palomar Network contributed with a music – Street Art & Installation event which took place last 1st- 4th August 2019. Okudart was one of this year’s edition guest artists.

Different performances and astronomy meet-ups took place in a city located one hour and a half away from Rome.

‘I am Titanes’ by Okudart @ Ciudad Real, Spain

Calzada de Calatrava in Ciudad Real, Spain was the location chosen for his latest artwork in Spain.

His inspiration was obtained from the characters of the films of Almodovar and the legends and stories of the region’s past, such as Don Quixote and the Knights Templar.

The past and present seen through my geometric and surrealist filter.

This project was created to promote the social integration of persons with disabilities through art. It counted with the participation of the social department of Ciudad Real’s city countil, and a local NGO called Laborvalía.

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