How could an incentive programme in Madrid engage your team?

Incentive programme in Madrid, Convention Bureau

Employees’ engagement might be one of the taughest tasks for any Human Resources department. In this sense, motivating your coworkers could be as important as an attractive salary. Consequently, we thought that an incentive programme in Madrid, Spain, may serve as the perfect tool for a teambuilding, congress, or a job peers get together.

While it’s very important to be familiar with the groups’ taste, more prominently should be organizing an event/activity/experience which fits everyone’s interests. That’s the reason why a group of professionals have curated several alternative tours and workshops that will, at last, show them something new. All of it, related to the newest urban trends.

  • Ateliers & guided visits
  • Tailored services for corporate groups
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Who are the professionals involved in our incentive programme in Madrid?

It was in 2016 when we first organized an event. We helped in the organization of an incentive programme in Madrid for a final client called TOYOTA.

After almost 8 years of dealing with Spanish agencies and international DMC & MICE entrepreneurs, we could assure you that the most important value of an incentive programme in Madrid is having the final guest happy. No matter what you do to achieve it. It may be through a unique experience or a quality service.

To us, the most important value is counting with the right professionals on your team. That’s above all. Why? Mainly because a resourceful person will find the solution to any give problem, while another person may get stuck on the process. That’s the reason why Cooltourspain is made up by talented young graffiti writers, street art artists and official licensed guides.

Moreover, you should take into account that Javier Garcia‘s expertise and direct treat with final guests and their VIPs, has taken us from Madrid, to Barcelona, Valencia, and Málaga. Do you know that our goal is to open up our project in Bilbao next 2024? Stay tuned!

Graffiti writers and street art artists

artists paintin live over skateboards
A group of graffiti writers paintin over a skateboard

To start with, you should know that the first and foremost important project offered to our guests is the wall & totebag workshop. It’s the kind of activity inside an incentive programme in Madrid that mixes a group experience, with a tailored present for each guest. Although if it would be out of the clients’ interest, we could substitute the cotton apparel for a skate board.

They’ll have a spray can in their hands at all times, reducing what we call ‘down time’ to 0. To us, those are the important details, not having any single person with crossed arms, looking at how others paint their designs.

Participants will share their time with our workshop leaders. The suggested rate is of one professional for each 12-15 people. Similarly to what happens on the educational field, if you reduce the number of people to be addressed, the more quality time they’ll spend with us. Don’t you agree? FYI, budget friendly!

Official and licensed guides for an exclusive incentive programme in Madrid

guided visits organized for events agencies
Art historians and Fine Arts masters as tour leaders

On the other hand, our project grows biggers as the years pass by. The more we organize an incentive programme in Madrid, the more number of services requested by our local, national, and international partners. That’s the reason why we count with a team of licensed guides who lead the classic tours.

That’s to say, guided visits that require vast knowledge on the historic and artistic fields, as well as experience on how to treat customers who are interested in the most traditional artworks/monuments and other important highlights. For example:

Experienced event organizers & project managers

Event's reception
Event cohosted for Pepsi Co.

However, it’d be interesting to note that the two services earlier mentioned weren’t possible if it was not because of our CEO’s work. He’s the one in charge of dealing directly with our partners/final customers in order to organize their incentive programme in Madrid.

His travel interests, an entrepreneur vision for alternative services oriented to MICE & DMC, and a comittment towards excellence within the street art and graffiti movements, have made his project grow.

Let’s point out that he didn not receive any funds to promote his artistic and cultural project among different convention bureaus, and destination management companies. According to his words, “it’s just a matter of hardwork, believing in yourself and never giving up”. That’s how he’s seen the number of collaborators grow as well.

What are the advantages of organizing an incentive programme in Madrid?

Whether your team arrives from Dubai, Argentina, United States or Finland, you’ll find travel connections from alomst any single capital city around the world. If you add this fact, to the accommodation availability to host over 300 people within the same hotel, at different rooms, your incentive programme in Madrid will be a total success!

There exists no rivalry between towns, but the truth is that our project was born in the Spanish capital city. After all the projects succesfully achieved for almost 3000 visitors in the year 2022, the 2023-2024 is looking promising! We hope to continue offering our tailored workshops and guided visits to companies such as Sanitas, Pepsi, Google, Netflix, Idealista…

How could you define what culture is? We’re proud promoters of the underground and contemporary art scenes, bringing guests to a new level of knowledge. Post graffiti, urban art, avant-garde muralism…

A close view to the Spanish classic & underground culture

Questions such as the following ones are commonly repeated by those who participate in our incentive programme in Madrid.

  • How long does it take to a graffiti writer to paint his/her name on a big wall?
  • .What could happen to you if you’re caught infraganti while painting on the streets?
  • Does it exist an internal code among graffiti artists to respect each others’ artworks?
  • Who are the most famous crews in Madrid?

People are curious about these details and once they know someone who belongs to the modern art scene, they want to continue investigating about it. FYI, you could attend shows, contemporary art fairs and other events organized by public or private institutions all around the Autonomous Community.

An all-in-one incentive programme in Madrid: gastronomy, hotels, things to do…

presents received at an incentive programme in Madrid
Presents that guests received by the end of the event

From street food like bars, to Michelin star-reviewed restaurants. An incentive programme in Madrid may offer you as many things as your company requires. However, please note that we promote sustainable and responsible travel, which means adjusting the trips’ necessities to the 2030 agenda and the 17 millenium goals. Ever heard of them?

Please note that we’ll suggest you:

  • Taking the public transport where possible. I.e metro/subway, bus…
  • Visiting local food markets instead of big restaurant chains. For instance, Mercado La Cebada, San Fernando, Antón Martín or Mercado los Mostenses.
  • Creating a legacy in the local communities visited.
  • Participating in guided visits which promote social justice, women’s empowerment and equity.
  • Using part of the revenue obtained from agencies/final customers to launch free tours to groups of people who live under certain risks.

Why shouldn’t you choose Barcelona, Málaga or Valencia instead?

Javier, explaining the story about the artworks
Which cities are you interested in?

As you may have seen on the above paragraphs, there any many reasons to host an incentive programme in Madrid. Although you should note that due to our growth we’ve now extended the cities where our guided visits and graffiti workshops are available.

This subheading is just a catchy phrase to attract your buyers’ attention. We do not mind you choosing another of our destinations.

As a matter of fact, have you ever thought about hosting one activity at the same time, but on different spots? TO us, it’s as possible as organizing the event in just one city. We count with a group of proffesionals all around Spain: Basque Country, Catalunya, Andalucia and the Balearis Islands… Those are dream destinations!

Cooltourspain’s opinion about the incentive programme in Madrid

Last but not least, we wanted to use these last lines to raise awareness about the situation that the graffiti community lives on a daily basis. Why? We cannot understand why the same artists who develop an incentive programme in Madrid, and work for city councils, cannot paint without the risk of being prosecuted.

There are no public walls where to paint legally. Is it that difficult? We’re interested in painting with permission, rather than escaping from local authorities. Politicians should act now!

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