Graffiti walls in Madrid. Where to find a safe place to paint street art?

After 3 years of work, we have received over hundred requests from travelers/street art artists who were interested in finding legal graffiti walls in Madrid.

Is it possible to find them?

Yes, it is and these are the spots that we would recommend you check. This is the list of places from most legal to the darkest side. Keep on reading for further information and what’s most important…directions!

You may also check our Madrid street art map if you are interested in exploring the best urban art in town.

Are there any of these graffiti walls in Madrid city center?

Yes, at least four of them. The rest of the places are locations where Cooltourspain team members have painted for the past 5 years without any risk.

madrid wall art at La Tabacalera
Glow & Jah One @ La Tabacalera (Calle Embajadores, 53)

1-. La Tabacalera de Lavapiés.

You may find La Tabacalera, a self-sustained community center, in Calle Embajadores, 53. Nearest metro station is Embajadores (line number 3).

It used to be the one of the warehouses of the Spanish Tobacco industry, and the interior of this 16,000 sq. meters building is full of street art.

At the moment, there are several workshops where you could learn different skills, from music & DIY, to street art & graffiti.

What do you have to do in order to paint there?

  1. Send an email to
  2. Visit El Keller, any Tuesday from 6.00PM to 10.00PM
  3. Bring a blackbook -graffiti sketchbook- to show your artwork.
  4. Request a graffiti wall in Madrid to paint & bring your own materials.

2-. CSO La Traba, a squat in Madrid’s city center.

Graffiti walls in Madrid at La traba

Located at an abandoned cinema, La Traba will offer you a unique location where to paint a graffiti wall in Madrid. Please take into account that you should visit it in the afternoons.

The exact direction is as follows:

  1. Get off Metro station ‘Palos de la Frontera’ (line #3).
  2. Walk for 50 meters towards Plaza Luca de Tena, 3.
  3. Push the black metallic door where you see a “private” hallway.
  4. Knock on the first black door.

3-. Graffiti walls at Complutense University.

A great spot if you like college atmosphere. As a matter of fact, Complutense University is the 3rd largest educational institution in Europe.

To get here, follow these directions:

  1. Take the metro to ‘Ciudad Universitaria’
  2. Google maps to ‘UCM Facultad de Educación’
  3. Walk for approximately 15 minutes.
  4. Find the running track next to Calle Ramiro de Maeztu.
Complutense University

4-. Parking lot @ Chamartin railway station

Thanks to a festival called ‘Meeting of styles’, you can now paint a graffiti wall in the parking lot of one of Spain’s most important train stations.

Please use the walls which are located at the far end, defined as the “free wall”.

MOS Graffiti walls in Madrid

Painting graffiti walls in Madrid North’s suburbs.

The title is clear and although it’s illegal to paint without a permission, we assure that the following locations have 0,5% risk.

These are are the locations where to do Madrid wall art with your friends:

5-. Montecarmelo’s tunnels.

First of the locations is a place where soundsystems used to organize rave parties (hardtek, drum & bass or trance). It is a tunnel which crosses M40 highway.

How to get there?

This tunnel is located in the suburbs and you will need to take the metro to ‘Ronda de la Comunicación‘ station. After walking for approximately 25 minutes, you will find a paradise where to paint a graffiti wall.

Map to find graffiti walls in Madrid

6-. Hortaleza’s “La Charca del Pescador

Los ‘Meneo’ is a street art crew based in Hortaleza district. They usually paint here, using scaffolding or ladders to create massive graffiti walls in Madrid.

How to travel to “La Charca del Pescador” (fishers’ pond)?

  1. Take cercanias train to ‘Fuente de la Mora’.
  2. Walk for approximately 25 minutes (set GPS location to the nearest Galp gas station)
  3. Walk down the hill, where directions indicate.
La Charca del Pescador graffitti wall

7-. Graffiti walls behind ‘Tres Olivos‘ gas station.

Another great location to spend your free time and create some wall street art is located in the north of the city. 4 minutes walking from a metro station called ‘Tres Olivos’.

Follow this map for directions. The graffiti wall is just behind ‘Estación de Servicio Nuestra Señora de Santa Ana‘ (gas station).

graffiti wall in Madrid outskirts

Where to find graffiti walls in Madrid, south side?

8-. San Isidro Park

San Isidro is a 355,420 sq. meters area in the heart of the city where there are several dividing walls to paint.

We would recommend you to do it either at dawn or dusk in order to avoid any police presence.

How to get to Parque San Isidro?

  • Get off at Laguna metro/cercanias station.
  • Cross the big park walking through Avenida de Ángel Sanz Briz
  • Turn left on Calle Via Carpetana
  • Choose any of the graffiti walls in Madrid facing the road.
graffiti wall in Madrid with Ze Carrion
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