Where are the graffiti shops in Madrid to buy spray paint and markers?

stores and graffiti shops in Madrid

If you are an artist and looking for graffiti shops in Madrid, please check the following list for insider details about them.

They not only act as just shops or businesses, but also as a graffiti crew in Madrid.

The shop assistants will greet you and answer with pleasure any question you may have. Some of them are artists themselves!

List of places where to buy spray paint in Madrid (also online).

  • Writers Madrid- Calle de la Luna, 19
  • Montana Shop- Calle del Caballero de Gracia, 9
  • Aluche Graffiti store- Calle de Maqueda, 83
  • Spray Xpres- Calle O’Donell, 24 
  • AKA Colors, online
  • Spray Planet, online
where to buy spray paint in Madrid

Graffiti shops in Madrid city center.

Whether you are painting a whole-car, a quick throw-up or a graffiti wall in Madrid with the collaboration of a Spanish street art artist, we would recommend you check the following locations.

It’s important to say that this is not a sponsored post. Thus you will receive information based upon our own opinion.

1-. Writers Madrid

WM represents the whole graffiti crews from Madrid. Hundreds of ‘writers’ get here to purchase any of the products on sale, or to paint in the expo metro wagon.

They have curated several events this 2019, including a meeting in Plaza de Callao during Madrid art week, and the 20th anniversary called Writersparty.

The brands available here, as follows:

  • Molotow
  • For the Face

Transport is included when there is a purchase over 90€.

Writers Madrid

2-. Montana graffiti Shop in Madrid

This is a well-sized store opened in 2011 by Lokus Amenus, a famous MC from the Madrid rap group, Duo Kie.

It’s important to mention here that employees show a respectful attitude towards the local graffiti scene at all the times. B-R-A-V-O!!!

MTN is the usual place where we purchase the materials for our graffiti workshops in Madrid.

Among other stuff, this is what we include in Cooltourspain shopping list every month:

  1. MTN94, several colors.
  2. Water based 300 ml spray cans
  3. WB Medium 5mm markers
  4. Caps of different sizes.
MTN Shop Madrid

They are located right next to Gran Via metro station.

These are some of the local artists who have performed or exhibited their artwork in this graffiti shop in Madrid.

  • Dr. Homes
  • Beto LandSky
  • Sea_162
  • Chalo Moca
  • DMS

3-. Aluche graffiti store

Aluche is a working class neighborhood in the South-west, and many teenagers and young adults buy their spray paint here because of its proximity to the place where they are going to paint.

Graffiti writers usually act around Madrid’s south side.

You will find here the same products than in Montana shop Madrid. MTN94 spray paint starting at 3,60€/can.

graffiti vending machine

4-. Spray Express

What happens if you are in town with friends at night and your spray paint runs out?

Don’t worry! You may stop working and continue later!

There is a 24 hours open-air store with vending machines in Calle O’donell. You will be able to purchase your silvers and black color spray paint 24/7.

The colors’ range is quite short, but their availability is what clearly makes the difference from other similar graffiti shops in Madrid. KOBRA and Loop Colors are the brands sold.

vending machines placed in the graffiti shops madrid

Where to find online graffiti shops in Madrid?

There are other places where you can order online and have your products delivered at home.

5-. A.K.A Colors

A trademark based in Valencia which ships products across the continent.

They have cheaper prices than other brands. You can find ‘bomber’ and ‘writer’ products as cheap as 2,60€ the 400 ml. spray can.

We are very thankful to them because the help they provided to our street art foundation in Madrid. Their contribution made possible to develop graffiti workshops for less favored people.

online graffiti shops in madrid

6-. Spray Planet

SP is the commercial brand that Montana Colors created to distribute online products. They have free shipment for purchases over 56€ in Spain.

Our opinion about the graffiti shops in Madrid

It’s clear that each person may have different opinions. We tried some of these stores and we liked them. Did you too?

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