Top 6 Virtual experiences to watch the best street art and graffiti online

graffiti online

We observe with great sorrow the current global pandemic crisis. Coronavirus has cancelled the trips that millions of people around the world were about to complete on 2020. However, street art lovers may now find the opportunity to experience graffiti online.

According to the World Tourism Organization WTO there is an expected decline in international arrivals of between 58% and 80% this year. Consequently, urban art tours will not receive the same number of visitors as previous years.

Today’s article will highlight global documentaries and films that Cooltourspain team members would recommend you to watch in case you’re interested in graffiti & street art:

What are the best virtual street art tours? More than just graffiti online

In case your plans were postponed, these are the alternative options that you would find on the internet to watch the best graffiti online. The following projects will allow you to explore the best urban art from your mobile phone/computer screen.

These virtual experiences were developed by private organizations from different countries. For instance, you’ll find graffiti murals, street art artists, contemporary art galleries and self-sustained cultural centers.

As you will observe, the shared content features high resolution images and videos. Take your time and enjoy as much as we did while watching them!

1-. The global street art project created by Google

graffiti by google
Street art project by Google

An extensive research about the street art & graffiti around the world. It might be one of the best tools to learn about these cultural movements, especially if you are preparing a street art essay.

Among other stories, these are the most relevant features of this graffiti online experience:

  • Learn about the graffiti history (TED Talks & activities),
  • Discover online exhibitions with audio guide,
  • Engage with the community and meet fellow artists,

2-. Graffiti online @ La Tabacalera, Madrid (Spain)

virtual street art and graffiti tour Madrid
Photography courtesy of Vluks

While Madrid’s most alternative cultural center remains closed to the general audience because of Covid-19, there exists a possibility to visit this graffiti online ‘mecca’. Thanks to a VR service provider in the Spanish capital city, you’ll be able to immerse in a unique experience.

Walk virtually over the underground tunnels of a formar tobacco factory from the XIX century. Their walls usually change in a monthly way. Participate in a unique art walk in Madrid‘s most multicultural neighborhood.

The spot is called La Tabacalera, and it is located in Calle Embajadores. Check the next link to join an almost live experience:

3-. Live experience at a modern art gallery

virtual visit at a street art gallery

Stole Space is not only a contemporary art gallery but also a primary source of original artwork and prints. They are located in Shoreditch (London), but due to Covid-19 they opened their warehouse to the rest of the world.

Similarly to what happens at Tabacalera, you’ll be able to virtually walk over the galleries’ walls, and check the artworks created by internationally renowned artists:

  • Okuda (Spain),
  • C215 (France),
  • The London Police (UK),

Which films/movies would we recommend you to watch graffiti online?

Does there exist any better thing than watching graffiti online videos at home, on a Sunday afternoon? If you are passionate about it, you might even paint during the morning and chill later at the sofa.

Today’s article will not only show you virtual street art tours around the world, but also movies and documentaries that you should watch at least once if life.

Please take into account that these are only suggestions. Thus we would appreciate you commenting in our blog if there is any other clip that you would recommend our audience.

4-. Style wars (1983), filmed by Henry Chalfant

This is an original story about the hip hop, break dance, dj and graffiti communities in New York city during the early 1980s. Furthermore, it focuses on this particular urban art style. The movie lasts for one hour and it includes interviews with the most relevant writers. For instance, Crazy legs.

In the same vein, ‘Style wars’ questions the role that graffiti has in the society. What’s the general audience’s opinion about it? Do people observe it as vandalism or as a modern art expression?

5-. ‘Robbo’ vs. ‘Banksy’ (2011): graffiti online wars

Channel 4 published a documentary filmed by Jane Preston about the war that started during the early 90s between the two most famous street art & graffiti writers in the United Kingdom.

Does there exist anything worse in the urban art culture than being covered by another artist? Image that a throw-up that lasted for over a decade in London was covered by Banksy…

6-. Spanish graffiti writers’ stories

Last but not least, you should subscribe to a youtube channel curated by Writers Madrid, one of the most famous graffiti online stores in Spain. They publish monthly videos in which Spanish artists describe their stories while painting in the streets or whole cars…

Most videos are subbed in English language, thus you’ll be able to feel the underground culture at its best! We would recommend you the shows entitled ‘life of an artists’ & ‘Silver nights’.

A must for all graffiti lovers! A unique approach to understand what this cultural movement is like in 2020, and how it was two decades ago.

7-. Inspiring city

Street Art and Graffiti from London, the UK and around the World

Cooltourspain’s opinion about the graffiti online

We believe that tourism will return to normal after scientists find a vaccine for Covid-19. On the meantime, it’s great to have different experiences available to see graffiti online.

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