What’s the typography like in the graffiti letters? Check these artists

graffiti letters

According to the Spanish economic magazine Cinco Días, the online modern art industry moved 3,419€ millions last 2017. Furthermore, artists observe this boom as an opportunity to share on social media their daily inspirations. If you are an amateur painter, these are the graffiti letters that you should take into account.

First of all, you should know that there are over hundred different ways to do lettering. However, it may be difficult to reproduce each kind of typography. The more you practice, the better the result. In other words, never give up!

With the blooming online industry, the youngest ones are unlocking different ways to sell their artworks and canvases online. For example, you could open an online platform similar to Esty, or distribute your products via Amazon. You could turn your graffiti designs into accesories such as custom stickers, soft enamel pins, metal pins, or PVC patches. Graffiti has become a cool way of expressing individuality because of its street style. Pedestrians could even see such scenes in advertisements,.

Thanks to Instagram and facebook, it’s easy to research and investigate about new styles. You’ll just need to use the hashtag #graffitiletters.

These are the artists that we would recommend you to follow:

Graffiti letters created by Spanish artists.

The urban art industry has observed as professional graffiti writers moved from an almost illegal panorama to working with permissions at street art festivals. Some of them have even dedicated their careers to practice with wildstyle, bubble graffiti letters or more defined and skillful typography.

If you found us on the internet, that probably means that you were either searching for special content or interested in learning how to do the alphabet with a modern approach.

Let us introduce you the most renown artists in Madrid city:


Rake43, Madrid (Spain)
Graffiti alphabet created by Rake43

His name might be familiar to your ears if you live in Madrid’s northern quarters. Furthermore, Rake43 has painted over 500 times on abandoned warehouses and almost derelict buildings. In addition, he covered his neighborhoods’ walls with color and imaginative illustrations.

It’s in youtube where you’ll find the majority of his followers. His channel receives thousands of visitors per video. He records with a Go Pro camera and offers a detailed perspective of how to draw with a fine free hand technique.

For instance, these are the most played clips:

  • Dual color Cap
  • Color explosion
  • Big colored graffiti letters
  • Abandoned factory in Seville

Graffiti letters by DMS1

Mark Zimmermman's graffiti letters
Wildstyle & futuristic approach by DMS1

Mark Zimmermann is not only a professional graffiti writer in Madrid, but also a modern art teacher. More than 20 years of experience on the field highlights his career. DMS1, whose acronym stands for ‘Dame más setas’ (Gimme more magic mushorooms), will teach you how to paint graffiti letters.

The picture we showed you above illustrates how to create a typography that easily matches with the background colors. He is a specialist while drawing lines and creating blocks.

He currently collaborates with Cooltourspain. Mr. Zimmermann’s storytelling is fascinating! Thanks to his expertise level, he’ll be able to tell you insider details about the local graffiti community.

Pastron #7

graffiti letters by Madrid based artist
Graffiti letters designed by Francisco Reyes

If you pay attention to the local urban art movement, you will easily step into a graffiti legend called Pastron #7. Although he scaffolded to a higher level due to his studies, he has always been linked to the old school.

Francisco Reyes not only teaches how to do graffiti letters at workshops, but also shows the urban art scene in the public national television TVE. His style on shading and defining with bright colors is amazing!

He loves working with young audiences because of the connection and relationships that are established in these educational activities.

Graff Caps

graffiti letters on caps
Graffiti art decoration over a tailored cap

Another artist that you should meet is Graff Caps. He is a graffiti influencer and clothing designer who uses urban wear to design words and illustrations on demand. He actually does it really good!

Whether you are interested on his merchandising or not, what’s true is that his style and techniques using markers are at master level! Don’t you think so? Check his instagram for further reference! A brainstorm of ideas will pop up to your head while looking at his images.

Furthermore, Graff Caps loves cooking. If you are interested in learning Spanish traditional recipes to do at home, we would recommend you to check his cuisine out!

Who are the international artists teaching how to do graffiti letters?

Similarly to what happens in the Spanish artistic scene, there are other international creators who share daily feeds about graffiti letters. They are interested in showing you how to elaborate your own designs from the most basic steps. It’s not difficult at all if you follow the right strategy.

Every time we travel to an overseas country, we try to learn from the best artists. If you copy from those who create unique designs, you’ll probably become as good as them. It’s not about developing the same painting, but getting fresh ideas to reproduce them later in your own way.

These are the writers and designers that shouldn’t miss:

Simon Dee

Graffiti influencer
Different artistic approaches to paint an ‘M’

Imagine you were interested in raising your technical level while painting. What would you do? We would definitely check those tutorials which share detailed guided steps on how to do graffiti letters.

The most notorious artist we have observed until this moment is Simon Dee. This Italian graffiti writer draws mostly with digital resources. For example, you find his youtube videos using Procreate and Ipad Pro. Haven’t you tried them yet?

We could define his style as digital art. As you may observe, there exists different approaches for modern art, including but not limiting to street art and post-graffiti.


modern art lettering
Graffiti alphabet created by Theron

Next writer you should check for learning about graffiti letters is an old school writer from the Netherlands. Theron started learning about graff art at high school. He loves creating pieces on blackbooks and real walls too.

For his blackbooks, Theron draws with different alcohol and acrylic markers. In the same way, he paints with fineliners and (color) pencils (2B). When necessary, he uses an eraser.

What about a graffiti alphabet? Have you ever painted one and shared it with your friends? We’d like to add yours in the list. Should you decide to contact us, please send us an email to info@cooltourspain.com and we’d gladly add your artworks in this list.

Kraser Oner

graffiti letters and alphabet

Last but not least artist on the list is Kraser Oner. His style remembers us to those illustrations created in New York during the 1970’s. He actually lives in Chicago, where the graffiti scene is very active.

Kraser also paints street art murals. It’s in those moments when he loves including geometric patterns. Not only he designs them on walls, but also in a canvas format.

He mentioned on instagram that he has a connection with Madrid, but couldn’t find more relevant information about his name on the internet.

Cooltourspain opinion about graffiti letters

We believe that in order to become successful at any aspect aspect of your life you need to persevere. That’s why learning how to do graffiti letters will take you time.

In order to learn how to do street art you could start at home. Another place where to do it is at a graffiti shop. Locate your nearest store as this is the place where the community meets. Not only you’ll be able to purchase paint related products, but also to talk with others about art.

They’ll show you how to improve your skills!

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