What is the graffiti art at street level like? 15 writers names in Madrid.

Is graffiti art the street power?

How many times have you wondered about the meaning of graffiti art in the street? Was it difficult for you to decode a colorful or silver name written on a wall? Does there exist any difference between ‘tags’ and street art?

Let’s talk today about those names that you may recognize in your daily commutes. Madrid’s spray paint community is very active and you’ll observe graffiti mostly in every corner. For instance, have you ever seen the train tracks around Atocha or Chamartin stations?

Who are Madrid’s most famous graffiti art names in the street?

First of all, let’s define what graffiti is and its meaning. Many people observe it as a way to get the walls dirty, but for some others it’s art.

We could define graffiti as the contemporary artistic approach where walls turn into billboards. We use the term writers to refer to those people using spray cans, markers or regular home paint in the street. They also use codes, techniques and different styles.

One common thing observed in the global scene is that these urban artists paint in groups. They never go alone as it reduces the chances of being caught by local authorities.

Graffiti writers in Madrid

If you walk around the city, you might realize that there are several names written on the walls that repeat every often. For years, they have painted all around the city. It’s easy to find their tags in almost every neighborhood.

Similarly to what happens in many other Spanish cities, artists belong to crews. They go painting together and if there are any leftovers, they keep them for the next ‘mission’.

Artists refer to this word as going out & paint. There exists a whole preparation, especially if what they are painting is in the metro system: maps, locks, ways to escape…

They always have 2 or 3 cans to use by night time. It has to be fast. Throw-ups (body size letters) usually take between 3 and 8 minutes maximum to be painted. According to writers opinion, you always have to be ready to rock & roll.

Pay attention, we’re about to tell you who are the most active members in the graffiti art community. Is the street ready for some more years of fun?

1-. Spen

graffiti art in the street with Spen
Spen graffiti. Picture by Delete

2-. Naor

naor tag madrid
Could you guess how many colors did Naor use?

3-. Kans

graffiti ar in the street by Kans
Design created by Kans in Madrid

4-. Cota

Cota urban graffiti Spain
4 letters is enough as to get the attention from others

5-. Monch

Metal shutter painted by Monch
Graffiti art observed in a metal shutter. Artist: Monch

6-. Smak47

SM is the small version of Smak47
Graffiiti might be as simple as a black and white painting

7-. Made

graffiti art madrid
It doesn’t matter from which perspective you observe graffiti. There’ll always be beauty in it.

8-. Ruso

Ruso graffiti art
Some writers to paint on top of others

9-. Tumor

tumor throw up
Graffiti observed in front of Reina Sofia, the Spanish National Modern Art Museum

10-. Loek

loek madrid graffiti writer
Artists sometimes use the walls in the outskirts of the city

11-. Monge

Monge road graffiti
Monge is a specialist in the roads

12-. Shit

mierda graffiti shit
Writers do use every single corner to paint

13-. Nomah

nomah road graffiti
How long would you say it took Nomah to paint this graffiti?

14-. Adios

adios good bye graffiti
Graffiti might be hard to read at points

15-. DMS1

Dame Mas Setas
Mark Zimmerman, MNO Crew

Graffiti art crews in Madrid

After identifying about all these individual names, let’s observe some of the groups of people who have common interests. They call themselves ‘crews’. Their passion for graffiti make them to be organized.

In this first article about graffiti art in the street we will just mention to of them. Your homework will be now to continue learning about the community in town. Are you an artist yourself?

Munis crew

munis graffiti madrid
What’s the most important value in a graffiti art street crew?


Farlopa street graffiti name in madrid
This is one of the most famous graffiti teams in town

Cooltourspain’s opinion about the graffiti art in the street

We love it! It’s not just because we are interested in this industry in a professional way, but also because it has been part of our lives since we were kids.

We started tagging in journals & schoolbooks, and all of a sudden we made dreams come true. At this current moment we make a way of living from our hobbies.

If there exist any graffiti writer out there, who is interested in working with us, we always hire artists who speak very good English. That’s because our audience usually come from abroad.

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