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Price for a freelance guide in Madrid

The Spanish capital city offers its visitors many different experiences. A traveller may choose between classic things to do, or explore the alternative options. In this sense, all these citizens may discover the destination on their own, or hire the services of a freelance guide in Madrid. Which one would you prefer?

Today’s article will feature some of the characteristics that those professionals should show while working with international, national or local guests. Taking into account that they are directly related to the tourism industry, shouldn’t they speak a minimum number of languages and count with a wide knowledge on fields such as history, architecture, art and society?

Which type of services could a freelance guide in Madrid offer his/her guests?

First and foremost, we’d like to highlight the professionalism that all our tour leaders show while walking around the city with a private or a public group. That’s one of the main reasons to hire our freelance guide in Madrid, but not the only one according to our guests.

This was a fantastic tour! Anna is an amazing tour guide: super engaging and very knowledgeable. She was easy to hear and understand; her English is excellent. They kept an eye out for everyone on the tour. They also made sure we weren’t districting or disruptive to the local community. Also we loved the emphasis on sustainable and responsible tourism. I highly recommend this tour

Eline, Review published on Get Your Guide last 22nd October 2023

By the time you’re searching on the internet the different options available in the tourism market, we’d like to suggest you checking for official sponsors/programmes. They’ll prove the quality you’re about to spend your money in. Moreover, licensed tour leaders are the ones who have passed an official examination. Consequently, when you hire them, you’re on the safe side.

You should then take into consideration that all these years of experience, 8 to be more precise, let us lead people from all over the world, and participants of all ages. For your information, no previous knowledge is required to participate at any of our street art tours.

Alternative tours around Lavapiés or Malasaña, specialized on street art and graffiti

What's the price for a freelance guide in Madrid?

Cooltourspain is a local artistic, cultural, social and touristic project which masters on urban art and graffiti. A freelance guide in Madrid started it during the last semester of 2015, and by 2023 it offers activities in cities such as Barcelona, Bilbao Málaga and Valencia. Consequently, due to our specialization, we broadened our services to other Spanish provinces.

It all started as a hobbie around Lavapies district, but due to the growth we’ve experimented after COVID-19, we don’t just walk around one specific part of the city center. Our group of artists, guides and educators will take you around other neighborhoods such as Malasaña, Usera or Carabanchel. Did you know that these two districts are considered as the new Soho in town because of the number of contemporary art galleries placed at them?

A freelance guide in Madrid to explore the cities’ most important museums

visiting the exposition at Galeria Colecciones Reales

In order to visit any of the following museums, we’d recommend you to hire a freelance guide in Madrid. Their level of expertise will stand out from the rest. These are the available options, starting on 181€, for a 2 hours guided visit.

  • Reina Sofia, and a full explanation about Picasso’s artworks (including but not limiting to Guernica).
  • El Prado, probably one of the most important and culturally rich museums in all Europe.
  • Madrid’s Royal Palace explained in detail through all centuries, and its kingdoms.

Furthermore, there is one extra thing for you to take into account. When you book our services at any of the mentioned locations, the official guides do not pay entrance fee. They’ll also take you through the fast-lane. Ain’t that better than waiting at the regular queue?

Day visits to Toledo and/or Segovia

Guided visit near Madrid city
Picture by Greta Schölderle Möller/ Unsplash

We will now repeat the expression once used by a freelance guide in Madrid “The way you travel matters” in order to open up the debate about transportation.

While the majority of guests request a transfer van + guide to Toledo and Segovia, our commitment with climate change will make us offer you AVE (high speed train) instead of a gas/oil vehicle.

By the time you arrive to Castilla La Mancha, or Castilla y León, we’ll start explaining you details about the present and past history, the most important monuments and other interesting facts about the toledanos or segovianos (people born and raised in those cities). These are some of the highlights:

  • Toledo’s cathedral construction during the XIII-XV centuries.
  • El Alcazar and Patio de Armas
  • Sinagoges and other local catholic centers

Why should you hire Cooltourspain’s team members as freelance guides in Madrid?

The sustainable and socially responsible approach that we use during the tours, is one of the most referenced values of our job. To us, any freelance guide in Madrid, committed with the change, should create a legacy, or an “impact” as we prefer to say. Are you the kind of traveller who cares and is interested in helping the local communities?

Furthermore, a team of specialists will help you enjoy the city as if it wasn’t the first time you came here. Even if you’ve visited it before, there is something new that we’ll show you at one of our walking tours.

Not only we speak English, but we also count with official and licensed guides who communicate in French, German, Italian and Spanish. Please check our twin websites, or

We’re officialy certified by the Autonomous Community

group tours with an official guide

It’s thanks to an official examination that we lead experiences at National museums & UNESCO locations. Our freelance guide in Madrid counts with a license that is visible at all times. You may identify them in town by their blue badge.

Their knowledge on the field allows them to talk about several topics of discussion. For instance, classic art, the relationship between monarchy and religion, or any up-to-date event which matters to the Spanish society.

Please take into consideration the latest collection that we just added into the directory of things to do with Cooltourspain’s professionals. Galeria de Colecciones Reales is located right next to Almudena Cathedral, and totally worth the visit. Don’t miss it!

A freelance guide in Madrid who will act as a host, and lead an authentic experience

travellers observing an important message

Above all the facts that we’ve featured in this article, there is something else to mention about any freelance guide in Madrid. That’s to say, their way of leading a guided visit.

To us, it’s important to maintain formality with our guests, but at the same time we love treating our customers as if they were our friends, visiting us at home. Politeness, dedication and respect are among Cooltourspain’s core values. We love welcoming travellers as if they were coming back on a future ocassion.

If you treat them that way, they will then recommend your services to their beloved ones and other relatives visiting Spain. Don’t you think so? What’s the treat that you expect from a local tourism service provider?

Tailored to all audiences, including families and private groups

freelance guide in Madrid for French school groups

After all these years of hardwork and passion for the graffiti and the street art cultures, Javier Garcia as a freelance guide in Madrid, and the rest of his team, have offered walking and cycling tours to almost all kind of audiences. The following information will illustrate with data the people who usually book our visits:

  • International women, aged 25-55, who travel with a partner, spending a few days in town and interested in an alternative experience.
  • School groups travelling by coach to Madrid. These teenagers are usually between 14-17 years old, studying at public or private lycées.
  • National MICE/DMC agencies that offer the final client, a unique and tailored experience.

Last 2022 we received close to 3000 guests. Some of them did not only join us while exploring our culture, but they also left a review over the internet. Please checkk their opinion on Google My Business, Tripadvisor, Civitatis or Airbnb Experiences.

Cooltourspain’s opinion about the job of a freelance guide in Madrid

It’s been over 8 years that we first hosted a tour. Since then, our duty as a freelance guide in Madrid has contributed to create a positive impact for the city and its citizens.

Thanks to your contribution, we take the lead and offer the real free tours for social groups who are interested in our activities, who cannot afford to travel the way you do. Isn’t that socially responsible and committed towards the change?

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