Museums in Madrid for free. When and where?

A complete list for the museums in Madrid. Free pass!

Our experience tells us that the majority of visitors who come to spend a day or two visiting the museums in Madrid organize and plan their activities weeks in advance before they get here, even months! 90% of our visitors come from other countries, being the US the country of origin of our largest audience.

Do museums offer free entry? Of couse they do and we have elaborated a small guide to reveal the frames of time in which you will be able to do so! Enjoy!

1) La Neomudejar, Madrid’s avant garde center.

One of the non-commercial and non-touristic modern art museums in Madrid is a gem that not that many people know about. This XIX century building occupies a space which formerly was used as a warehouse for the rail track system in Spain. Temporary and permanent exhibitions might be seen from Wednesday to Sunday at 11.00AM and 5:00PM and the entry fee is 4€ (3€ for students).

When does La Neomudejar offer free entry?
Wednesdays in the morning from 11.00AM to 1:00PM

Avant garde museums in Madrid, La Neomudejar.
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If you are those kind of people who enjoy not only visiting a place because of the art itself but also for the way the interior was built, today is your lucky day!.

Free museums in Madrid.
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The entry

Street art occupies the entry of the place. Materials such as wood, tape or spray paint were used to decorate a hidden place. You can even take a Street art tour in Madrid here!


2) Reina Sofia museum, modern & contemporary art.

We were earlier talking about the underground and avant garde center of Madrid. If you prefer a modern point of view immersed in the history of the contemporary art, you might be looking for Reina Sofia, one of those museums in Madrid that you will really appreciate to visit for free.

When to visit Reina Sofia for free?
Saturdays from 2:30PM to 9:00PM
Sundays from 10:00AM to 2:30PM

Museums in Madrid at the city center: Reina Sofia.
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The building

Reina Sofia offers its visitors the possibility to observe the artwork distributed along more than 26,000 sq. meters. There is even a bar called Nubel!

Best musems in Madrid.
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Pablo Picasso is one of the best-known Spanish artists. He painted Guernica in 1937, referring to the bombing of a Spanish city during the Civil War.


3) El Prado, Madrid’s best-known museum.

This key location placed 5 minutes within walking distance of El Retiro Park is one of the most visited museums in Madrid. One of the most representative pieces that could be observed is Las Hilanderas from Velazquez, but you should take the opportunity and visit if for free.

When does El Prado museum offer free entrance?
Mondays to Saturdays from 6:00PM to 8:00PM
Sundays from 5:00PM to 8:00PM

Museums in Madrid with no entry fee.
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The triangle

El Prado belongs to what people know as the triangle of museums in Madrid: Reina Sofia, El prado and Thyssen Bornemisza.

El triunfo del Baco. Museums in Madrid.
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El Baco

Velazquez painted it during the XVII century and it is also known as the picture of the drunk guys. It corresponds to the Baroque era.


4) Royal Palace, and Sabatini Gardens

Alternatively to the museums in Madrid shown in this post, you could spend your time visiting the interior of the Royal Palace located next to La Almudena Cathedral. There are audio-guides available and the change of guards takes place every Wednesday at 11.00AM and 2:00PM unless there is a specific event going on.

When to visit the Royal Palace for free?
Mondays to Thursdays from 4:00PM to 6:00PM (October to March)
Mondays to Thursdays from 6:00PM to 8:00PM (April to September)

Alternative guide to museums in Madrid.
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The views

From the Royal Palace you will be able to obsereve Madrid’s biggest park called La Casa de Campo. Interesting, huh?

List to get for free to museums in Madrid.
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The square

Travellers in Madrid will be able to participate in a guided activity at the Royal Palace, the place where the actual King & Queen of Spain were married.

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