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If you have a photo from your family holidays or picnic and you want to display it in your living room, then canvas printing might be the best option for you.

These big or small pictures are made using ink-jet printers, and they are enhanced on a computer for the best results. Check for more info.

Many people choose this method because it is more affordable, and the resulting picture is much like what you see in a museum.

Some companies even go the extra mile of making sure that the resulting image has a vivid color. This means that what you see on the phone or your laptop will be the same when you see it displayed in your living room.

What is a Canvas?

what is a canvas printing ?
Picture of a canvas taken by Emma Craig/ flickr

It is a durable fabric made from hemp. Nowadays, some canvases are made from cotton or linen for a more affordable and high-quality finished product.

Some companies use cotton and polyester, but you won’t be able to tell the differences because the colors are the same when you compare them to hemp-made canvases.

Types of canvas printing

  • If you want cotton, the colors will seep inside its fibers, which makes the picture last longer.
  • When it comes to polyester resin, the colors will remain on the surface and will create a more vivid result.
  • When you choose materials made from cotton, the result can be compared to a museum-grade quality, while polyester is a more colorful and affordable option for you.

Why should you choose Prints?

canvas art prints
Canvas and sale sign by Jim Winstead/ flickr

These are the following reasons to choose any street painting and convert it into a print:

1-. Lack of glare

With photographs that are printed on photo paper, you will see a white glare, especially if the sun is rising directly on photo paper.

There are also photos framed behind the glossy paper that will create a shiny finish and can be irritating to the eyes regardless of the lighting is from sunlight or your night lights.

With canvas prints, you are aiming to have a matte finish that you can display in brightly lit rooms without the unnecessary glare.

2-. Versatility

When it comes to these kinds of prints, you will have the benefit of versatility that you can add on your list.

This is because the prints are classic and timeless. They will fit any interior decoration that you have inside your living room. Even if your décor taste changes over the years, the prints will still look fabulou and won’t feel like they are out of place.

3-. Canvas printing might be affordable

One of the things that made canvas prints soar to popularity is that they are affordable.

A family or a student can include the photographs on their budget since they don’t cost too much. The printing of the photo makes it a more budget-friendly option rather than purchasing a piece of art.

Another benefit is that when you are a photographer, you can display your skills on canvas at a grander scale without spending too much.

4-. Many sizes to choose from

You will have the option to choose a size that will look natural in your living room.

Prints have a wide range of options when it comes to sizes, and the quality is still the same. You can have a super-sized photo that you can display in a gallery, or you can print smaller ones that you can carry with you.

5-. Almost all photos look good on canvas

canvas printing 2020
Mark Krenn on flickr

Another thing that many homeowners appreciate is that every photo is excellent when it is printed on canvas. There exist art products that can limit the type of photographs that you can put on paper.

In case of portraits, a metal material may not be the best option since it will show where the brush strokes are. On the other hand, canvas prints will make any pictures look their best regardless of any photo, whether it’s a portrait or a family photo.

Our opinion about canvas printing

After you learn about all the benefits that you can get with this type of canvas printing, you might be ready to turn your photos into art so that you can cherish your special moments forever.

You can check out companies near you for options and ask them for samples so that you will have an idea on what are the best ones that will match the décor in your living room.

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